DateName Summary
October 18, 2021Sue DeVallRedistricting in Grand County 
October 18, 2021Chelsea Page UIRC Maps 
October 18, 2021Vicki StokesConerned Citizen
October 18, 2021Lezlie HuggardBe Fair and Equitable
October 18, 2021Linda ZeemanCurrent System 
October 18, 2021Gregg AlexGeneral Comment on Boundary Effort
October 18, 2021Chris Hill Transparency 
October 18, 2021Mike Weems Redisricting Comments 
October 18, 2021Alex TaftGive SLC a National Voice 
October 17, 2021Siavash GhaffariDrafts for Congresional Maps 
October 17, 2021Ben DamstedtMaps Without Partisan Political Gerrymandering 
October 17, 2021Margaret Hatch Do the Right Thing 
October 17, 2021Jim Spence Redistricting 
October 17, 2021Katie Munt Different Populations and Communitites of interst
October 16, 2021Reed Omdal Give Salt Lake County a voice 
October 16, 2021Lance Hemmert SL County in its on Congressional District 
October 15, 2021Daniel MulladzhanovHow the Districts are arranged 
October 13, 2021Kim Hauser My Vote to be Counted and Represented 
October 13, 2021Mary MoranState House Legislative Districts 
October 12, 2021Don WilhelmsenGerrymandering 
October 12, 2021Heather Dopp Do The Right Thing 
October 12, 2021Paul ZuckermanRepresentaton 
October 10, 2021Lynn QuarryProvide a voice to all Utahn’s
October 9, 2021Tom GadekPark City and Summit County 
October 9, 2021Sebastian KreitschitzSupport for Redistricting Efforts 
October 8, 2021Eric R. Heriman Focus on communities of interest 
October 7, 2021Randall LaLondeState should be divded by region 
October 7, 2021Aaron BycoffeGetting GIS Shapefiles 
October 7, 2021Unknown Southeastern Navajo Chapter House
October 6, 2021Harry Trueheart The Commission needs to do what is fair. 
October 6, 2021Marilyn SmithDivision of Salt Lake County 
October 5, 2021Kris Campbell The focus on deviation 
October 5, 2021Dave AldermanKeep Community Councils Intact 
October 4, 2021Chelsee BoguckiRepresentation for SLC
October 4, 2021Iris Nielsen Don’t pair rural and urban areas together. 
October 1, 2021Gerald SatterleeDisticts should contain goughly the same number of people 
September 30, 2021Robert Owens Representitives should reflect the districts they represent 
September 29, 2021Dustin Garner Keep Communties Together 
September 29, 2021Warren Wright Do The Right Thing 
September 29, 2021Natasha MadsenLines should be drawn based on area, population, and share values 
September 29, 2021Paul Grant Salt Lake County in One Congressional District 
September 29, 2021Denise Hudson Don’t group Sandy with Utah County 
September 29, 2021Lynn PershingRepresentation in the Federal Government 
September 29, 2021Tracey Price Sandy Needs Representation 
September 29, 2021Joanne Slotnik Commission Hearings 
September 29, 2021Ian Wade Representation in Congress 
September 29, 2021Dianne Anderson Fair Representation of Salt Lake County 
September 29, 2021Douglas Rush A Way To Make Redistricting Fair 
September 29, 2021Jay Vestal Keep Holladay in One District 
September 29, 2021C. LeRoy Anderson Voices of Salt Lake County Residents to be equal to those of rural Counter Parts 
September 29, 2021DustinFocus on Keeping Communities of Interest Together 
September 28, 2021Jo Ellen AshworthDivide Salt Lake County 
September 25, 2021Dale HeitUnfair division of the state
September 25, 2021Jim FoxThe Guide to Fair Maps
September 25, 2021Richard SpottsUnfair Districts
September 25, 2021UnknownVoting Districts
September 24, 2021Keith BuysCommunities of Interest
September 24, 2021Murray LowNo Gerrumendering
September 24, 2021Judy HorwitzPark City
September 21, 2021Lou KirslingDiversify
September 20, 2021Dave Focardi/Northern San Juan County CoalitionGrand & San Juan
September 20, 2021Steven Y. PetersenUrban-rural & partisan gerrymandering
September 19, 2021Amy MillsCommunities of Interest – Park City
September 19, 2021Hazel CoffmanMap-making issues
September 18, 2021Newel CusickSalt Lake Valley, One District
September 17, 2021Frank PedrozaRedistricting plan
September 17, 2021Laurie Keller/West JordanSalt Lake County district
September 17, 2021Linda SmithAttached testimony
September 15, 2021Mark RothacherLogical boundaries
September 15, 2021Brent DeverauxCommission’s purpose
September 13, 2021Herb MudrowGeographical Area
September 8, 2021Ann Penman/Liberty WellsGerrymandering
September 8, 2021Jean Tabin/Park CityPartisan gerrymandering
September 7, 2021Anissa LoveGerrymandering
September 7, 2021Jack ItzingerMap drawing
September 6, 2021John IzattMap drawing
September 4, 2021Redistricting Priorities for Summit County
August 31, 2021Glenn WrightMoab and Spanish Valley
August 30, 2021Malcolm ReidFair maps
August 29, 2021Martha Shannon/Salt Lake CountyCongressional Districts
August 29, 2021Phyllis FrankelSalt Lake County
August 26, 2021Tanya AndrewPartisan gerrymandering/Emigration Canyon
August 26, 2021Dennis HanksCensus tracts
August 25, 2021Melissa McGibbbonFair Representation
August 24, 2021Lance HowellGerrymandering/Initiative
August 23, 2021Ben GreeneMap drawing
August 23, 2021Kevin JonesMap-making/Tooele & Box Elder
August 21, 2021Christina and Tony Sargent/SandyFair boundaries/Prop 4
August 20, 2021Don and Liz MullerFair boundaries
August 20, 2021Emily M ColtFair boundaries
August 20, 2021Lewis StrongFair boundaries
August 20, 2021Gregory J. SchnathorstFair boundaries – Ogden
August 20, 2021Sue AllenDistrict 4
August 19, 2021Miles LaytonSalt Lake County
August 19, 2021Sue deVall, Castle Valley, Grand CountyCommunity of Interest (Grand County)
August 19, 2021Nathaniel IrvinCounty and Municipal Boundaries
August 18, 2021Cathy and Randy BosleyVoting districts
August 18, 2021David BlaineGeneral principles of redistricting
August 17, 2021Micah LawrenceCongressional Dist. 4
August 17, 2021Sue deVallGrand County
August 17, 2021Utah Redistricting CoalitionSupport the Commission
August 17, 2021Nathan NelsonExclude politics
August 16, 2021Laurie Capese, RivertonSalt Lake County
August 16, 2021Scott Greenhalgh (Logan)Boundaries
August 16, 2021Laurel HagenMoab in one District
August 16, 2021Denise SorkinCommunities Shoud not be Divided
August 15, 2021Will JamisonPartisan politics
August 15, 2021Stuart “Gator” Hansen, NAACP/ACLUGerrymandering
August 15, 2021Raymond JordanRedistricting Process
August 14, 2021Mike Dorsey, Timber Lakes, Wasatch CountyCommunity of Interest
August 14, 2021Stuart Hepworth, U of U studentDave’s Redistricting App (DRA)
August 14, 2021Josephine KovashReconsider Moab
August 14, 2021Heidi ShepardMoab and Spanish Valley
August 13, 2021Ellen BradyComment Spreadsheet
August 13, 2021Marc Coles-RichieDivided districts
August 13, 2021Terri McCulloch, president, Weber County League of Women VotersFair representatrion
August 13, 2021Marcia TendickGrand County Area
August 13, 2021Leigh FullmerDon’t Split Rural Communities
August 13, 2021Rebecca BroughtonGrand County Area
August 12, 2021Al KisnerRedistricting
August 12, 2021Kerry KellySalt Lake County Congressional District
August 12, 2021Alan CoxFair Maps
August 12, 2021Kristan KnierimSplitting Small Towns For Votes
August 11, 2021Jim FoxFair Maps
August 11, 2021Jan WoodPartisan gerrymandering
August 8, 2021Carol BlackwellSalt Lake County districts
August 8, 2021Chris RiggleSalt Lake County districts
August 5, 2021Brian HoecherlFair Maps
August 3, 2021John AndersonRural-Urban divide
August 2, 2021Lisa StampsCommunties of Interest
August 2, 2021Dan AragonDemocratic Voices
August 2, 2021Tish BurokerUrban interests/City boundaries
August 2, 2021Gigi BrandtCongressional Dist. 2/COI
August 2, 2021PAMELA PlantCongresional Districts
July 30, 2021Ellen Brady, MD, MPHCompetitive Districts
July 30, 2021Kartika AposhianCommunity of Interest
July 30, 2021Malcolm ReidMap drawing
July 30, 2021Malcolm ReidAttachement 1
July 30, 2021Malcolm ReidAttachement 2
July 30, 2021Susan RennauRural-Urban divide
July 30, 2021Linda MenascoRural-Urban divide
July 30, 2021Jim DarterRepresentation
July 29, 2021Malcolm Reid, MilcreekCommunities of Interest
July 29, 2021Gordon Whiting, ProvoDist 4 north-south split
July 29, 2021Tanner LindsayEstablished Scientific Data
July 27, 2021Emily MechamLegislative vs Commission
July 27, 2021John H. Thompson, OgdenSimplify
July 25, 2021Cindy Borland, West Jordan CityWest Jordan district
July 24, 2021Scott HinkleGerrymandering
July 22, 2021Ryan HonakerCommunities of interest
July 21, 2021Barton LeMaireFair elections
July 21, 2021Tom MillsReasonable Maps
July 21, 2021Eric HydeDisparity of Representation
July 20, 2021Zacharia LevineMoab/Grand County district
July 20, 2021Joshua RobertsDemocratic District
July 15, 2021Julie NanceCommission voting
July 15, 2021Christine RiterPolitical Concerns
July 15, 2021Julie NanceCommunities
July 14, 2021Cameron Carter, Murray residentCompact congressional district
June 29, 2021Paul RayQuestion regarding ESRI and data
June 28, 2021Stan RadfordSAN078 District
June 16, 2021Stuart HepworthMap drawing
June 14, 2021Ernie Gamonal – Utah Coalition of La Raza (UCLR) Public Outreach and Locations Suggestions
June 10, 2021Lauren Simpson – Alliance for a Better UtahMapping Tools
June 10, 2021Bob PalaisGive voice to minority party
June 9, 2021Ellen Brady, MDPurpose of Commission Maps
May 28, 2021Lauren Simpson – Alliance for a Better UtahCommunities of Interest
May 27, 2021Bert GranbergRedistricting Considerations
May 15, 2021Janet MunkCommunties of Interest
May 7, 2021Kris CampbellCommunities of Interest
May 7, 2021Kris CampbellSequential Ordering and School Districts
April 30, 2021Thor Thorsen, HeberUrban-Rural Divide
April 29, 2021David Edward GarbeUtah Redistricting
April 28, 2021Nancy Alice McHughSpeaker & volume Issues
April 28, 2021David ChristiansenMapping Boundaries
April 28, 2021Karen LongDivided Salt Lake County
April 27, 2021Chase Thomas, Alliance Better UtahMeetings