About the UIRC

The Utah Independent Redistricting Commission (UIRC) was created through the 2018 passage of Utah Proposition 4 and was modified through compromise legislation (SB200) passed in 2020. The result is an independent advisory Commission that enhances the public’s voice in the redistricting process.

The Commission is a bipartisan group composed of seven commissioners – appointed by both Democratic and Republican party leaders – with the chair appointed by Utah’s governor. To avoid conflicts of interest, Commissioners cannot be lobbyists, elected officials, political party leaders, or executive appointees. The Republican appointees are former Congressman Robert Bishop; former state Senator Lyle Hillyard; and N. Jeffrey Baker, a geographic information systems specialist. The Democratic appointees are former Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham; former state Senator Karen Hale; and former State Court of Appeals Judge Bill Thorne. As chair, Governor Cox appointed Rex Facer, an associate professor of public management in the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics at Brigham Young University.

The Commission’s job is to recommend maps of congressional, state senate, state house, and state school board districts for final consideration by the Legislature. The Commission will prepare three plans for each type of map. In preparing its maps, the Commission is seeking the public’s input on the maps, including what the people of Utah consider their “communities of interest.”

Once the Commission submits its plans, the Legislative Redistricting Committee will have a public hearing dedicated to reviewing the Commission’s maps and taking public comment. The Legislature may then enact one of the Commission’s proposed plans, or it may create final maps of its own.